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Everyone knows a smile is one of the most important elements of human face and with a smile, teeth, play the key role. Whether you have problems with your teeth or you simply strive for the perfect smile how do you know what your options are. So where do you start, there are a myriad of different treatments in today’s market all promising to present teeth in desired shape, colour and position. It’s not to understand the differences between them and which procedure is right for you. We recommend you speak with your Dentist, they will take into consideration the condition of your teeth, your desired result and the treatments available to you.

One popular treatments undergone by people around the world are dental implants. As terminology can be alien and confusing it is not always clear what each treatment entails. In this article let us discuss the procedure so you can understand what it is and what it entails.

Dental Implants:
Dental implants are usually made of titanium material, these are the closest replacement for a missing natural tooth. Generally an implant would be the right solution in cases where a patient has overall good dental health but due to an accident, decay, root canal problems or trauma has resulted in the loss of a tooth or teeth. The process of implants can be lengthy, treatment comprises generally of two stages one in which root form (often called an abutment) is placed in the jaw by doing some minor surgery and the next stage is where an artificial tooth or teeth is placed on the new root form. The treatment might take many sittings and many hours with your dentist. Continued oral hygiene is still required and still of major importance Implants are extremely popular due to the major benefits:

  • Unlike previously traditional “dentures” having a dental implant is fixed in the jaw in a way that it functions just like a normal tooth. They can be undertaken for single tooth or multiple teeth and the results are often unnoticeably different from the natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are fixed in the jaw which helps to keep bones intact and thereby jaw bones healthier and less chance of becoming shrunken and disappearing over a period of time.
  • The way in which Dental implants are fixed they can share the load across adjoining teeth therefore avoiding wear and tear to teeth on either side of the implant/s.
  • As Dental implants are a permanent fixed solution for missing teeth, they relieve the patient from pains of removing, cleaning and maintaining the health of removable dentures.
  • Dental implants take away the everyday worry of loose removable Dentures and the security of available fixing agents
  • Dental implants support other dental prostheses together with bridges, dentures and crowns.


The Increasing Popularity of Dental Implants

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As a dentist, you’re sure to know that there are trends in regards to which dental procedures are popular; these are often linked to what the top of the range treatment is at the time and the possible outcome for the patient. There’s always been a focus on achieving the perfect smile and having great teeth but in recent years this has become more evident than ever, causing many individuals to really consider which dental treatment will leave them with the very best smile. For many, the answer is dental implants ; click this link to use this information to give to your patients about their benefits.

Why Are Dental Implants The Gold Standard For Missing Teeth?

Dentures to replace missing teeth is a common procedure that many dentists discuss as the first option for missing teeth. However, the gold standard for reaplacing mssing teeth is dental implants which is the best long-term solution as high lighted by the Oral Health Foundation. Imagine you were talking to a member of your family – would you offer an impant retained denture first or a removable denture? When talking with your patients, offer them the best solution first explaining they are a fixed, long-term solution that look just like their natural teeth. No longer will they have to worry about covering their mouth when they smile, chewing whislt eating or removing them at night time. Their life will literally change for the better giving them the confidence they’ve always wanted.

Dental implants are created using strong, durable and resilient materials and this makes them a long-lasting solution. Plus, they look real and it’s hard to distinguish between real teeth and those that are implants; this wasn’t always the case.

Dental Implant Technology

The technology available to dentists now is impressive and it’s easier than ever to provide patients with the very best in professional dental care; this extends from offering quick and easy check ups to high quality dental implants. Technology allows you, as a dentist, to work together with a patient to create the ideal smile and both of you are able to give an input into what you feel looks best.

At Ambridge Ceramics we have a many years of experience in working with dental implants and we work with many different dentists, helping them to provide the highest quality of dental care to their patients. As we work across all platforms and manufacturers, our services are vast and we can work on the most complex of cases. For us, it’s about finding an effective solution in a cost effective way. 





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